Probate Valuations

Valuations for Probate / Inheritance Tax:

Valuations and inventories of home contents and personal effects (chattels) are extremely useful tools to the executor or trustee of an estate, who may have to identify individual items that have been bequeathed or passed on in Trust to others.

The professional adviser to the estate (usually a solicitor) will advise you if a valuation is required for taxation purposes. Values can be put to individual items or given as an overall figure as appropriate.

Having viewed the items to be valued, we will provide you with a valuation report that usually comprises an inventory (with individual items fully described, where necessary) and an overall total for Probate purposes. Two copies of this report will be provided to you and / or your solicitors, plus an electronic copy or further copies on request.

Cost of Probate Valuation: £60 (£50 plus VAT) per hour.


Solicitors and Estate Agents are welcome to Greg Bateman directly discuss potential valuations, please phone our office on 01780 766466.