Insurance Valuations

Valuations for Insurance:

We are pleased to offer a professional valuation service for insurance and replacement purposes.

An insurer might ask you to provide evidence of the current value for your more expensive items covered on your home insurance scheme - regularly if an item is valued at over £5,000 then you might have to have individually itemised cover.

It can therefore be necessary to provide your insurers with an accurate written valuation to obtain the most suitable cover for your items and to make sure that you are neither over nor under-insured. If you don't have the original invoice, if the item is antique and been handed down to you, of perhaps the value has increased over time, then how can you prove to your insurer what it is currently worth.

This is where Batemans can help - we can arrange to visit to your premises to view any items to be insured or you can bring items in to our Offices for us to inspect & photograph at our premises; any invoices, paperwork and additional information will all help us to record more accurate descriptions of your items and will help identify them should ever the need arise.

We will provide you with a typed valuation report which will contain a full description and photograph of each item, the basis of the valuation and its suggested reinstatement value for insurance purposes. Copies of the final report will be dispatched to you, with an electronic copy or further copies on request, which you can then forward to your insurers as evidence of the replacement value of your goods.

Importantly a copy of your valuation report and the original photographs will be securely kept in our own electronic records adding a further layer of safety and security - these are an invaluable record to refer to and can be accessed at any subsequent time should you ever need them.


We charge a very competitive and extremely simple hourly rate to carry out the valuation, including travel time (if required) and preparation of the final report.

Cost of Insurance Valuation: £60 (£50 plus VAT) per hour.


Batemans has conducted thousands of Professional Valuations over 20+ years of serving Stamford, Rutland and all the surrounding counties - we can provide you with a trusted, cost effective, and efficient service, and look forward to hearing from you soon.


You are invited to contact Greg Bateman directly to discuss potential valuations; please phone our Valuations Office on 01780 766466 or email