Street Art Up For Auction

Posted On: 13 Apr 2022 by Greg Bateman

Local British Artist Paul Kneen's thought provoking work to be sold in aid of Ukrainian refugees on 7th May


Paul Kneen (British, b. 1974): 'A Peace of Art', a street artwork depicting a crouching child holding a helium balloon in the colours of the Ukrainian Flag, spray paint, acrylic and marker pen on board, signed lower right, unframed, 244 by 122cm.


This fantastic artwork is being sold to provide aid for Ukrainian Refugees, in conjunction with South Kesteven District Council with support from Stamford Diversity Group.
Zero Buyer's Premium and Zero Selling Fees meaning that every penny raised by the sale of the painting will go to this worthy cause.

This street art board was painted in just 5 hours on Sunday 13th March by Paul Kneen during Stamford's Korpfest, supported by Art Pop-Up on Sunday in Red Lion Square, funded by a grant from South Kesteven District Council's Welcome Back Fund.

Paul Kneen is currently exhibiting at Peterborough Museum as part of 'Urban' which features street art greats such as Banksy and Damien Hirst.


Estimates: £1,000 - £1,500


You can see the full catalogue listing on our website here: Paul Kneen - A Peace of Art

This incredible artwork is available to view in the Wilfrid Wood Gallery at Stamford Arts Centre until 7th May. 



Paul Kneen’s work focuses heavily on current societal issues, believing that art should discuss topics that allows the viewer to form their own opinions. Over the years, Paul has discussed a variety of topics including global warming, the rich/poor divide and more recently mental health issues within his work. Clearly influenced by the street art scene, Paul uses a variety of mediums including spray paint and
acrylic marker pens. 

“When I begin a painting, I decide what I think will be the most effective way of portraying the point I’m trying to make and then decide which way to paint it. Sometimes it’ll be using stencils, other
times I’ll take a more traditional fine art approach. I don’t like to be pigeon-holed as a particular type of artist. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums. For me, the experimenting is where exciting things you never think of can happen”, explains Paul.

“We’ve all witnessed the horror of what is happening in the Ukraine. So, when I was invited to participate in the paint festival I knew I wanted to create something that discussed the dreadful
situation. What I didn’t anticipate was the incredible reaction the painting would receive from people visiting the event”, said Paul.


Paul Kneen has had solo and group shows within South Africa and the UK, more recently showcasing his work alongside street art legends such as Banksy, My Dog Sighs, Ben Eine and KAWS at
Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery as part of their Urban exhibition. 


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Managing Director Greg Bateman holds the smaller canvas version to be sold following the street art board, Paul Kneen (arms folded) stands to the left of the artwork, joined by  
Cllr Amanda WheelerCllr Richard Cleaver, and Yvette Díaz-Muñoz - Chair of Stamford Diversity Group.


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