Chinese Dish Delight - July 2021
Posted On: 03 Jul 2021 by Greg Bateman


Sale Spotlight - Fine Art, Antiques & Specialist Collectors - July 2021

Batemans' July sale started with two lightning strike results from the Far East!


Barely had we settled into our seats for the opening lot 1: a Chinese bronze censer, thought to date to the late Ming or early Qing Dynasty, and standing 41cm ( 16") high, which had sold for a sparkling £3,360 (incl. 20% B.P.) against estimates of £500 - £800, than the real star lot appeared... now that we'd warmed up with that first lot of course.

Lot 2: a Chinese porcelain circular saucer dish, Qing Dynasty, early 18th century, was delicately decorated with an orange pink 'peach bloom' glaze, and bore an underglaze blue six character Yongzheng (Yung Cheng) seal mark to base within a double ring, and was thought to be of the period, it was only 16.5cm (6.5") diameter.

It was offered with estimates of £300 - £500 but hopes were a little higher. Managing Director Greg Bateman had consigned it only a couple of weeks prior to the auction during a routine valuation with a nice bronze sculpture, a set of very good hall chairs, and some modern ceramics. The vendor lifted up a carrier bag saying "I've got a china dish as well...", a phrase that engenders mixed feelings in an experienced Valuer. '"We better have a look then and see". Out of the bag, and an old tea towel wrapping, was drawn a thing of great simplicity and fantastic quality, immediately apparent to Mr Bateman. "Now THIS is a rather good Chinese dish...!" Ever the master of the understatement Greg went to on to inspect and discuss further this very pretty little dish and explained that the Chinese market is extremely strong for just the right sort of item, of which this dish was most certainly one. "Hopefully it will do very well for you, we'll have to wait and see!" 

And indeed it did do extremely well! Bidding exploded from the start, rocketing up from £300 to £1,000 in 20 seconds, then bid after bid took it through £2,000, £3,000, £4,000, £5,000, £6,000 and onwards... Nearly 100 total bids and over two minutes lead to a final decisive "SOLD for £11,500!

The total price for this lovely little dish, including the 20% Buyer's Premium, was a 'peachy' £13,800 !


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