Upcoming Highlights - 1st August Sale
Posted On: 20 Jul 2020 by Greg Bateman


Another fine view of Stamford...

Another beautiful Wilfrid Wood watercolour has been discovered and consigned to Batemans forthcoming auction: 
Fine Art, Antiques & Specialist Collectors - 1st August, 10am.

After a string of fantastic results at Batemans for the local artist across the last few years, Greg Bateman, Managing Director explains "We hold a very special regard for Wilfrid Wood's watercolour views of Stamford, not just because they are of the town that we love, but also because of the obvious skill and attention to detail that he took over these landscapes and his street scenes."

"Wilfrid honed his talent across many decades of painting, and his enviable ability can be seen in the growing quality and assurance of his work across his lifetime. We have been fortunate to sell dozens of his paintings and feel a great connection to this celebrated local artist; we have dealt directly with both relatives and friends of Wilfrid himself, who passed away in 1976, at the age of 88. Spectacular sale results at Batemans have proved time and again that Batemans is the best possible place to sell his work."

With a fervent local following and the ability to promote upcoming works to the best advantage, Greg Bateman has high hopes for this most recent discovery. It depicts a glorious late spring view across the western edge of the town centre, from a position out beyond the town Meadows. The spires of St Mary's, St Martins, St George's, St John's, and All Saints churches are scattered across the sweep of the view, all reaching up into a hazy blue and cloudy strewn sky.

It will be offered with pre-sale estimates of £200 - £300



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If you are interested in this lot, or have a Wilfrid Wood view of Stamford to sell please contact us on 01780 766466 or valuations@batemans.com and have a look at our SELLING page.