Sale Archive - Cadbury’s 'Conundrum' egg
Posted On: 24 Apr 2020 by Greg Bateman


Watch the video of this unique 22ct gold Cadbury's 'Conundrum' egg selling for £20,640 (incl. 20% B.P.)



CLICK HERE for YouTube Video of the GOLDEN EGG


Estimated at £10,000 to £15,000 this stunning enamelled 22ct golden egg by Garrard & Co was always going to be a star lot at Batemans of Stamford.

Excitement rose in the saleroom as the bidding continued through the estimate and beyond, finally selling on the phone for £20,640 (incl. 20% B.P.) to a delighted buyer.

The gold weight alone, made this egg valuable but it is the story of its origins and the beautiful enamelling that makes this egg unique and worth far more than just the gold. Never seen on the market before, this egg is the title piece of the renowned Cadbury’s Conundrum eggs. Attracting local and National media attention, and featuring on the BBC, it was eventually one of the original treasure hunters of the Cadbury’s eggs that saw it before the auction, kept his nerve during several minutes of bidding, and finally got to own this incredible piece of golden history.

Garrard & Co golden egg in its presentation box.

A private individual who was looking for an interesting and unusual investment opportunity couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the egg featured as coming up for auction. He knew the story, had taken part in hunting for one of the twelve eggs in the 1980’s, and now could be the proud possessor of the finest egg of the series, one that he didn’t know existed until it came to light at Batemans.

That said he was new to bidding at auction and really had to keep his nerve as the bidding approached his upper limit, with a little encouragement from Company Director and BBC celebrity antiques expert Kate Bateman at the other end of the phone, he took the plunge and made the final bid: “£17,200 Sir?” asked Kate. A slow but ultimately decisive "Yes!" and this extremely lucky first-time bidder had won the star lot of the day.


On collecting his lot a few days later, he was absolutely thrilled with what is not only a spectacular investment piece, but also a piece of the treasure that he has been hunting for, for over thirty years!

Managing Director Greg Bateman with the golden egg.

Managing Director Greg Bateman said “It’s an enormous pleasure in offering anything unique, especially when there’s the added excitement of high values involved, and such beautiful craftsmanship on display, together with huge amounts of local and National interest; it makes all the hard work of auctioneering worth it. Beyond that, being able to give the wonderful news of something selling so well to the happy vendors makes me extremely proud to be part of this fantastic business.”


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