Lot 89

A collection of UK bank notes and stamps, 1960's to 1980's, comprising thirty four £1 notes, serials BS55558855, E26T857857, DU11178629, HR63375986, EX34016130, ER23557119, HX65735236, DR81430803, X95911349, B62708214, 27U029694, 61R766541, L08721938, A41889055, M03R727474, R80L346483, L13X073657, A44203258, A06939857, A06939856, AT29653110, AT29653109, AT29653108, 81N351048, 21B520152, A72N473009, E36N772233, AT17715861, AR66070805, AR66070804, AS55012551, AS44463206, AS24666537, AS67466381, two £5 notes serials E28755437 and AU56028984, and three £10 notes serials E20609994, S53889607 and EY18888125, Chief Cashiers Leslie O'Brien, Jasper Hollom, John Standish Fforde, John Page, David Somerset, and Malcolm Gill, together with a small collection of commemorative stamps mostly mint unmounted, all in a modern album. (1 bag)
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